Mamma Mia's Yearly Trip to Italy!

Have you ever wanted to travel to Italy but not sure where to start or what to see while there. Well look no further here is your chance to travel with Ciro and Silvana as your tour guides! Spend two amazing weeks with them. The whole group is usually 8 people. Head off at the beginning of September on the trip of your lifetime. 

Fly out of Raleigh on a Sunday, usually with a connecting flight in New York. You land in Rome the next morning where your adventure of amazing food and all the beautiful sights begins.  

Here is a preview what the trip could look like. Some of the stops could be switched around.

Land in Rome from there drive to Poppi which is the first stop.

Stay in Poppi for a couple nights.







Next stop is Naples where you will stay for the next couple of nights.



Amalfi Positano Sorrento


Then off to Rome for the last night or two of the trip.


Then fly out of Rome typically flying back into New York before heading back into Raleigh. 


Come on by the restaurant and see some of the pictures from past years on our slide show. For more information come in and talk to Ciro or just give him a call.

(919) 244-4035 

The price of the trip include everything from the flight there and back, the hotels, the car rental and all your meals for the two weeks.