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Mamma Mia Bistro brings you back to the Old Country with classic recipes! Our comfortable
environment is inviting and charming. The dining experience we hope to provide is one that our
customers can be proud to bring their family, clients, or co-workers to. Fine Italian Dining in Apex, NC has never been better!
Our chef is in the world of Italian cuisine. With over 45 years of cooking experience and our staff are ready to bring you the best in Italian Fine Dining!  We are confident that you will not have a better dining experience in the Triangle. So whether you want to join us for dinner during the week for a
special occasion, or for our monthly wine dinners, we would love to give you and your party a
memorable night out!
Mamma Mia Bistro also offers catering services in Apex and the surrounding areas! With delivery
and set up services, you can now bring the best of Italian cuisine to your work place, or party. Our
goal to make your event a success!
Recently, Lea has joined the Family business at Mamma Mia. Lea was born in Naples, Italy, she has
also lived a good part of her childhood right here in North Carolina! Lea branched out on her own in
Italy to build her career and family before returning to the United States. Where she and her husband Valerio will raise their two children, Matteo and Chiara and join the family business.
She always sought to strike a balance between work and family. Mamma Mia will be her first venture
as a co-owner and looks forward to the challenge. She believes in innovation, tradition and hard
work. Along with following her father’s ability to take care of people, that’s really set us apart!
Lea, while respecting the values and the quality , plans to continue introducing fresh ideas to the
restaurant. Perhaps bringing you back to the Old Country with classic recipes but with a modern twist!

Our comfortable environment is inviting and charming. Cultivating the dining experience we hope to continue one that our customers can be proud of it and bring their family, friends and clients to.
Making Mamma Mia Italian Bistro an exceptional Italian dining experience in Apex!


About The Chef


Chef Ciro Formisano, born in Naples Italy, nearly in the kitchen of the family owned restaurant Al
Fungo Velenoso. Ciro began cultivating his culinary skills at an early age and first became head chef
at age 21.
His first assignment as head chef was at his family owned restaurant Transatlantico, where he
created the finest Italian cuisine from 1980-1989. After 9 years in the family business, he decided to
move his skills to another well known restaurant a few miles inland, the Hotel San Remo in Nola,
In 1992, Ciro moved to America, taking with him all the knowledge from working in prime examples of
Italian kitchens.

1992, fresh to America, Ciro works various Triangle area restaurants including Bella Napoli in
Durham, Cafe Roma and Italian Chophouse both in Raleigh.  For 12 years, Ciro gained great
experience in Italian American cuisine and is called to New Jersey by well known chef, Carlos Orrico
at Sorrento Restaurant. With Chef Orrico, Ciro learns invaluable technique, finesse and savvy; both in the kitchen and in the business.
Primed from his time in New Jersey with Chef Orrico, Ciro returns to the Triangle area in March 2004
to open Mamma Mia Pasta & Pizza with Silvana De Grezia, where they ran a successful restaurant
along with their staff for 9 years.
Never ending his quest for culinary perfection, Ciro returns to Italy for 2 weeks every year to improve
on his craft, and keep up with the most current, fresh cuisine ideas from this ever-changing world.
In 2013, Mamma Mia Pasta & Pizza underwent a total makeover to become Mamma Mia Italian Bistro. Mamma Mia Italian Bistro will maintain the culinary and service staff with a renewed focus on the customer experience!


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